Reverse Geocoding

Reverse geo-coding will explain the given location’s coordinate.

All coordinates are in WGS84.




parameter description values default value
version API version 1
strict indicates whether nearby areas should be included 0=sloppy 1=strict 0
point WGS84 latitude,longitude latitude=-90..90 longitude=-180..180
types comma separated list of entity types to search for CITY,LAKE,MUNICIPALITY,PARK,INDUSTRIAL,CANAL 20000
language map label language en,nl,fy,de en
API-key API secret key, to be requested from MarinePlan


The response contains:

  • a copy of the input parameters
  • standard fields such as country, province, municipality, optional city
  • extra fields such as parks, industrial areas, bridges, ship locks
  • a user-readable description
	"parameters": {
		"point": {
			"latitude": 53.11384,
			"longitude": 5.928102
		"language": "fy",
		"locationTypes": [],
		"strict": false
	"country": "Nederlân",
	"province": "Fryslân",
	"municipality": "Ljouwert",
	"city": "Earnewâld",
	"countryCodeIso2": "NL",
        "countryCodeIso3": "NLD",
	"mapcode": {
		"territory": "NLD",
		"mapcode": "51H.DFT",
		"internationalMapcode": "WJ17Z.1Z5R"
	"locations": [{
		"type": "CITY",
		"point": {
			"latitude": 53.130358,
			"longitude": 5.945009
		"placement": "NEAR",
		"distanceMeters": 1410.0,
		"name": "Earnewâld"
	"description": "Earnewâld (Ljouwert), Fryslân"