Online Map Matching

This service map-matches (“snaps”) a given point to the nearest canal, relevant for the type of ship.

All coordinates are in WGS84.




parameter description values default value
version API version 1
point input point in WGS84 latitude,longitude latitude=-90..90 longitude=-180..180
range search radius in meters 1..10,000 m 300 m
vessel vesseltype 6=canoe 5=open boat 4=cruiser 3=yacht 2=cargo ship 5
challenging indicates whether the route allows very tight passes 0=safe route 1=challenging 1
language language for resolved location en,nl,fy,de nl
API-key API secret key, to be requested from MarinePlan


The service reponds with a JSON document containing the map-matched location and a description in the specified language.

	"point": {
		"latitude": 52.518478,
		"longitude": 4.791269
	"description": "Knollendammer Sluissloot, Oost-Knollendam (Wormerland), Noord-Holland"