MarinePlan Location Based Services

MarinePlan offers a wide number of online services for marine applications.

The Location based Services require an API key that can be obtained by contract. Please contact us for a demo key.

Online Location Services Portfolio

Online Routing fast and highly configurable marine route planning service.
Online Maps dedicated uncluttered navigation map service with high freshness and level of detail.
Online Search marine search service.
Online Reverse Geocoding reverse geo-coding service in order to describe a certain location.
Online Map Matching map matching service to snap a clicked map location to a relevant canal.
Open Ship Data service to interchange vessel information such as location, speed and route.

Map Coverage

As of 2021 the maps cover the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and France with certain areas in the Mediterranean and Miami-Florida Keys area.

Technical details on the LBS API


  • Most API calls use the HTTP GET method
  • All coordinates are in WGS84 degrees in the order latitude,longitude.
  • All distances are in meters.

HTTP Headers

  • The API allows CORS requests by sending the header “Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *”.
  • All JSON responses are sending the header “Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8”.
  • PNG reponses are sending the header “Content-Type: image/png” as well as an ETag header.

HTTP Responses

  • Successful requests are completed with a HTTP 200 response.
  • Unknown endpoints report a HTTP 404 response.
  • In case something is wrong with the access, a HTTP 403 is returned.
  • Invalid requests (out of range errors, missing parameters, wrong values etc.) return a HTTP 400 response.
  • Unexpected internal errors respond with HTTP 500 responses.